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Since 1974, Platinum Pipeline Services, LLC, and its partners have provided construction and upkeep services for organizations in all phases of the oilfield industry. Fully equipped for pipeline construction, poly fusing, road boring, and much more, we have the equipment and expertise to tackle projects of any size. With our oilfield service company in Big Spring, TX, on your side, you can accomplish the objectiveness necessary to drive the thriving fuel economy throughout the state.

All of our services are completed in-house with company-owned equipment and supervised by our employees. When you choose our team, you can count on the highest levels of quality, integrity, and efficiency—in short, we provide superior results at competitive prices. All work is guaranteed to meet your specifications. With multiple centuries in combined experience, we deliver maximum safety and effectiveness when you need services related to oilfield construction, improvement, and maintenance.

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100 S Lancaster St
Big Spring, TX 79720

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Big Spring, TX
Midland, TX
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Fort Worth, TX
Gardendale, TX
The Woodlands, TX
Hobbs, NM
Guymon, OK
Odessa, TX
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Pipelines & Utilities

Pipelines and utilities play a major part in our daily lives, and without them, modernization and life as we know it would be astronomically different. Whether referring to heating your home or even driving down the road to visit a friend, these activities wouldn't be possible without pipelines and utilities to provide the necessary energy (natural gas, oil, and fuel in these circumstances).

Not only do pipelines and utilities provide us with the ability for a consistent energy supply, but the natural gas and oil that is transported also allows for other basic necessities to be manufactured such as shoes, tires, bottles, computers, paint, gasoline, and much more. Pipelines and utilities will be an undeniable part of our lives for many years to come.

Safety & Procedures

We provide top quality pipeline construction services with our team of highly trained individuals. Our team has multiple centuries of combined experience in the pipeline construction industry, so you can be assured that we can adapt and complete any pipeline project on time and to the highest standards.

Safety is a top priority when working on any project to protect our employees, your project, and timelines. All employees here at Platinum Pipeline are H2S and SafeLand trained, and experienced to complete projects in the most efficient, cost effective, and safe manner.